Growing San Pedro Cactus Indoors

San Pedro Cactus is a plant of the cactaceae family, native to the Andes. It is distributed in the Andean mountain range, specifically in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. This cactus lives at altitudes between 1000 and 3000 meters and in places where temperatures are very hot during the day but can reach very low temperatures

Growing San Pedro Cactus

San Pedro cactus, scientifically known as echinopsis pachanoi or trichocereus pachanoi, is a plant of the cactaceae family native to the Andes that has great medicinal, economic and cultural importance. Growing San Pedro cactus is quite simple. To do it successfully, it is necessary to know a little more about the habitat and ideal growing

How to identify San Pedro Cactus: Echinopsis pachanoi

Echinopsis pachanoi is a succulent native to Peru. It grows in the South American Andes and is common to find them 1800 to 2800 m in altitude, where temperatures can go below 0° C. This cactus has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and nowadays is still used to treat ailments in humans and

How to Store San Pedro Cactus

Echinopsis Pachanoi, also known as Trichocereus Pachanoi, achuma, huachuma, aguacolla, or San Pedro Cactus, is a very popular columnar cactus that is easy to grow and care for. It is native to South American countries such as Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, and in the northern part of Argentina. This cactus is of great interest to

How to use San Pedro Cactus: Echinopsis pachanoi

San Pedro Cactus, Wachuma, Achuma, Huachuma, Aguacolla, Giganton, Cactus of the Four Winds are just some of the many names the Echinopsis pachanoi is known for. This Peruvian succulent is well known in South America for its medicinal properties, especially in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. However, it is necessary to know how to use San

Is San Pedro Cactus legal?

Is San Pedro cactus legal? It is a question you may ask when you want to grow this succulent native of the  Peruvian Andes mountain range, which can be also found in the wilds of Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina. This cactus has been used in South America for thousands of years for its medicinal and

San Pedro Cactus seeds

San Pedro Cactus seeds are one of the ways you can grow this beautiful cactus. This succulent is the most famous member of the Echinopsis genus. However, it is sometimes confused with its relative the Echinopsis peruviana or Peruvian Torch Cactus. It is native to the South American Andes, growing at altitudes from 6000 to

Where does San Pedro Cactus Grow

Where does San Pedro Cactus Grow

San Pedro cactus is a plant of the cactaceae family that has been used for 3000 years by ancient civilizations to make various natural medicines. This cactus known scientifically as echinopsis pachanoi or trichocereus pachanoi is also popularly known by a number of different names such as agua colla, huachuma, achuma, aguacollaetc, among many other

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