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We offer San Pedro Cactus for sale, which is top quality and it is harvested under the best standards of sustainability.  In addition we process all our orders within 24 hours of payment and ship from within the USA 7 days a week.

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You can buy with the security of our reputation; with several years of working in the plant industry, we can guarantee our transparency with our customers and attest that our products have a selection of quality and are optimal for our customers; our reputation is our priority. We are san pedro wholesalers and one of the best value for money wholesalers in the United States of America. Purchase our products and stand out with a different shopping experience.

San Pedro Cactus

We offer San Pedro Cactus Powder for sale here in the US imported directly from Peru. This product is harvested in a sustainable manner and enables the final customer to help and contribute to the tribes that protect and harvest this popular plant.

We ship orders every single day through USPS and always provide our customers with a tracking number. For your convenience and safety, we also offer many forms of payments including, credit cards, paypal, venmo, cash app, google pay, zelle, bitcoin, cash and others. We have been importing and selling San Pedro Cactus for many years and have long standing relationships with growers in Peru. Our San Pedro Cactus is of high quality and we offer competitive prices as well as wholesale rates.

San Pedro (Trichocereus Pachanoi) is also known in South America as Achuma, Huachuma, Wachuma, Giganton , Aguacoya, and Hahuacollay.

Harvesting San Pedro Cactus

Our San Pedro Cactus for sale is harvested in the mountains of Peru, where local tribes have been harvesting for centuries. They select only the biggest and oldest plants (which are the best for all the cactus properties). Our San Pedro powder comes from cacti that is at least 30 years old. First, they cut the plant into pieces, then the get rid of the thorns of spines. They then proceed to peel off the flesh (outer skin of the cactus) and the core is used for other purposes; the core or thorns are not part of our final product.

After obtaining the flesh, it is left out in the sun to dry naturally. This dehydration process is crucial because any humidity can produce mold or other diseases. In addition to obtaining a healthy product, the final weight is only a small fraction of the plant when it was alive, resulting in a pure powder.

The sun-dried flesh is then cut into pieces and sold as chips or they are powered in a mill resulting in a very fine (flour like) powder.

San Pedro Cactus for sale in the USA

In the US, some customers prefer to purchase live San Pedro cuttings from local growers in Arizona, California and other states. San Pedro cactus is a fast-growing cactus (when compared to other species of cacti) but it still takes a long time to grow.

Many people believe that San Pedro Cactus for sale from South America (specifically Peru) is of the highest quality of any San Pedro grown around the world. This is one of the reasons why most customers in the US decide to purchase the San Pedro powder from Peru rather than the live cutting grown in the USA.

Another reason is that it is much easier, safer, and healthier to store San Pedro powder than to store a live cutting of a plant that can quickly grow mold or develop a disease or lose quality. Unless of course you use it immediately, or plant it right away to grow in your backyard.

There are no sellers in the US that offer San Pedro Cactus Powder from cacti grown in the US, the main reason for this is that not only is the process more difficult, but also the growers would lose an immense amount of weight in the peeling and dehydration process, resulting in less profit overall. Since the San Pedro Cactus or Pachanoi grows abundantly in Peru, combined with lower cost of labor: it is much more cost effective for Peruvian growers to provide a better product for a lower cost than American growers.

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