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We offer San Pedro Cactus Powder (very fine powder) and San Pedro Cactus Dried Skin (chips).

Our San Pedro cactus is organic and we import it from Peru. It does not contain thorns or core in the final product as we only use the skin of the cactus. Also known as Huachuma or Thrichocereus Pachanoi, this cactus is harvested by different tribes in the Peruvian mountains.

Buy San Pedro Cactus Directly in USA

You can purchase our San Pedro Cactus directly in the U.S and you do not have to wait for long transit times/customs processing/ or risk losing your money due to any problems. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee; which means that not only will you receive the product, but also if you are not happy with it, we offer a full refund no questions asked.

Storage of Dried San Pedro Cactus

It is extremely important that this product remains in a dry environment at all times. We take that factor into account when transporting this product during the import process and also during storage. San Pedro Cactus (powder and chips) must also be stored in a cool place. Any exposure to humidity will damage this product.

San Pedro Cactus Wholesale

We have several customers who purchase San Pedro Cactus in bulk. Our bulk orders also ship within the United States and we offer lower rates when purchasing 5kg or more. If you would like a quote, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

San Pedro Cactus Soaps

We make Pedro cactus soaps for those customers who do not want to make them themselves or do not know how to. They are excellent for treating many skin conditions and are are anti-fungal and moisturizing.

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